BCBans: A Global Banning System

Built by server admins with you in mind.

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Equal Rights for All

We've built a system with the mindset that both banned players and server owners have equal rights.


  • Servers should have the ability to ban for whatever reason they want with the knowledge that only griefing should be a global ban.
  • Servers should be able to decide when a player's global ban count is to high for their liking.


  • Players should have the right to dispute bans that affect them.
  • Players should not have a 'rep' and one server's ban shouldn't prevent you from joining every server.

Security, Stability, and Scalability

BCBans was designed using a highly secure and very well tested framework for web development.


Using the latest version of Ruby on Rails we can guarantee that SQL Injections don't work and won't work.

Stability and Scalability

We host BCBans in a cloud environment to ensure that DDoS attacks will be mitigated automatically and that we can scale to any demand dynamically without human intervention.

Opensource and Open Implementation

We've gone out of our way to make BCBans as open as possible. The source for our bukkit plugin is freely available at https://bitbucket.org/aetaric/bcbansplugin/src. CanaryRecode plugin's source is located at https://github.com/Jarvix/BCBans.

Our API is open for public use too, provided you follow the same basic rules. Check it out at http://www.bcbans.com/api.

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